I came to photographing events through the fine arts, and have developed an approach that is very much my own.  My photographs are carefully made and deliberately structured, combining compositional rigor with careful and individual technique.  Most important for you, the work feels completely natural.  I do not impose my style - my subject remains paramount.  You will recognize yourself, you will connect to your family and friends, you will re-live the moments.

The way I work is matched to my style. I am discreet, relaxed, and make every effort to be a pleasure to work with.  Even formal family photographs are done as easily and effortlessly as possible.  My lighting is carefully tailored to location. and remains very natural even in the darkest banquet hall or the brightest sunlit field - your photographs will look the same way the event did to your eye.

Your photographs are truly your photographs - I share the images on disk, and you have the right to makes prints and albums as you wish.  For more information and availability please contact me - let me know your event date and a few details about your plans.contact.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
My Style